Areas of Expertise


Post Trauma Treatment

Treatment of the effects of trauma, early after the event and long term effects. We look at the brain’s response, the accumulative effects of triggers and events, protective factors, and coping skills to improve quality of life. Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder using evidence based practices. Events treated can include early childhood violence or neglect, domestic violence or abuse, motor vehicle accidents to name a few examples.

Adjustment to health changes and new diagnoses

For the individual and/or the family members affected by the changes; including long term effects for parents whose child is born with congenital anomalies. I draw on my years of medical research and extensive understanding medical issues combined with brain based therapy techniques for emotional regulation and distress tolerance.

Addiction treatment and maintenance

I use a harm reduction approach to treatment that is collaborative and supportive in nature to address alcohol, drug, marijuana and cigarettes.

Relationship skills development

From prenuptial relationship 101, to conflict resolution, to effective relationship dissolution for the individual or the couple.

Anxiety, including anger and panic

General anxiety, medical anxiety, social anxiety, specific anxieties, panic and agoraphobia. I use brain based understanding of reactions and patterns, grounding techniques, emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills to prepare for prolonged exposure, which is often not needed by the time we get the skills in place.

Depression, suicide thoughts and prolonged grieving

I use a whole person approach to explore what thought processes, patterns of behavior and activities might help you make emotional headway when you are overwhelmed. We explore lifestyle changes that may help and if those don’t work I refer to a prescriber to see if medical management of symptoms is an appropriate choice. I work in a wrap around approach with your prescriber as you adjust to your mediation dose.

Executive Counsel

Help in developing stress management techniques, incorporating self care into your busy schedule, interpersonal effectiveness strategies, harm reduction strategies for substance use, and life balance strategies for managers, supervisors and executives.

Group therapy

I have groups associated with my private practice and I have group curriculum that I can bring to your facility. Groups are one and a half hours in duration and can span from 4 to 7 weeks. Group curricula include Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Savvy Dating and Relationship Skills. Referrals accepted for PTSD Group and group curriculum available to organizations who are interested in having a group curriculum available for your organization at your site.

These are examples of the evidence based techniques I use in therapy:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy looks at the way you think (cognitions) and the way you respond or react (behavior). Research has shown that making changes to the way you think about things and the way you react to things has an effect on your emotional response.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy looks at the push pull of your split brain, that little cartoon angel and devil that argue in your head about how you should think and respond to situations. Understanding the split allows you to manage your behavior response in otherwise seemingly unmanageable situations.

Brain Based Therapy looks at the way your brain is patterning your response to new situations in old ways. Understanding the neurobiology of your response helps put you back in charge of your brain.

Harm Reduction and Relapse Prevention puts you in control of your strategies for changes in your substance use behaviors with an emphasis on your safety and quality of life.